3 must-see nature parks in West Palm Beach, Flordia

3 must-see nature parks in West Palm Beach, Flordia
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West Palm Beach, Florida, is truly a nature’s paradise for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re visiting or have a permanent residence nearby, you’ll love spending time at the most breathtaking nature parks South Florida has to offer.

You’ll enjoy breathtaking views and exotic animal experiences with alligators and tigers. Check out these three must-see nature parks in West Palm Beach:

1. McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary

This gorgeous, well-preserved wildlife sanctuary is an animal rescue service for over 200 species located in West Palm Beach, Florida. It’s a popular destination and has drawn high ratings and reviews on Google and Facebook, plus is often rated as the No. 1 attraction in West Palm Beach. The sanctuary is mainly focused on rescue and rehabilitation efforts but also offers daily guided tours.

The tours cost $40 for adults and $30 for children and include an immersive experience of eight green acres of endangered wildlife surrounded by a botanical garden. The tour lasts two to three hours where you’ll encounter White Tigers, Black Leopards, African Tgers, Lynx, Bearded Lizards, Rhino Iguanas and more.

If you’d like to volunteer or donate to the conservation efforts, visit the sanctuary’s website or ask a worker during your visit. McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary is a 501-c nonprofit that gives the majority of its profits back to endangered animal species.

“We had such an awesome experience today at the McCarthy’s wildlife sanctuary. I highly recommend it. We took a two hour guided tour and learned so much about all the animals. Our guide was awesome. You can tell she loves the animals. They are all well cared for and their habitats are all clean. Thank you, we will be back again.” – Andrea Braunstein

2. Grassy Waters Nature Preserve

This gorgeous nature preserve is the perfect day trip if you want to enjoy the clear water and peaceful views. This is a wetland ecosystem that’s open to paddling and hiking as long as the natural wildlife isn’t disturbed.

As you’re walking down the vintage wooden walkway, you’ll enjoy the sites and sounds of many native birds and the occasional wild boar or alligator. If you need to rest, enjoy one of the rocking chairs that are placed throughout the nature preserve and enjoy a good book. If you have any questions about the native wildlife in South Florida, be sure to ask the volunteer staff.

“Absolutely breathtaking. The Cypress boardwalk took you through many different areas, from pine forests to marshy areas to lakes. There were a lot of birds and reptiles to see, and the boardwalk was very open.” – Kat Sheppard

3. Mounts Botanical Garden

If you enjoy the peaceful and lush nature of botanical gardens, you won’t want to miss this one. This botanical garden has been around for more than 40 years with a mission statement of “inspire and educate through nature.”

You’ll have plenty to do in this tropical oasis that features 14 acres of land and 25 unique garden areas containing tropical plants native to Florida. When you’re done with your visit, don’t forget to stop by the garden shop to purchase some flowers to take home with you. Local artists often host art exhibits here, as well, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates.

“This is such a gem of a place. Great for a relaxing visit somewhere to get out of the house. Go at your own pace, and visit the nursery to pick up a $1 bag of fish food, so much fun to feed the fish and turtles! Will definitely be back!” – Ashley Nicole

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