3 Tips for Finding Short-Term Rentals in Lake Worth, FL

3 Tips for Finding Short-Term Rentals in Lake Worth, FL

Have you ever visited a place for a long vacation and struggled to find appropriate accommodations? Hotels are great for short stays, but they're expensive. Meanwhile, there are various kinds of short-term rentals available that let you stay for months on end.

The only problem is finding good quality rentals with the support of a property management company. It's not always safe or reliable to stay in a stranger's spare room, after all.

Here are three tips for finding short-term rentals in Lake Worth, Florida.

1. Use a Broker

The first tip when browsing Lake Worth real estate is to reach out to a broker. Apartment brokers are most useful if you're looking for temporary housing that could help bridge you between homes.

For example, maybe you won't be able to move into your next house for a few months and need something for a few weeks. You may also want to find a sublet that will allow you to sign on for a new lease when the previous one ends.

However, brokers are not a good option if you're going on vacation or want an alternative to a hotel. You'll need to find those yourself.

2. Check Airbnb or Craigslist

A short-term rental doesn't have to last months or require a sublease. In some cases, you may need to stay somewhere for a few weeks if your house is getting fumigated or if you're going on vacation.

It's worth checking out websites like Airbnb or Craigslist if you need a short-term rental in Lake Worth, FL.

Airbnb lets individuals rent out their homes or apartments to strangers. The company takes on the role of property manager when it comes to handling transaction disputes and providing oversight.

In contrast, Craigslist is more like the Wild West. It's great for finding immediate housing or room options, but it may not be as safe.

3. Reach Out to Your Personal Network

Your own personal network can also prove helpful when looking for a short-term rental. There's a chance that someone in your network knows of an opportunity or runs an Airbnb themselves.

Alternatively, you can utilize social media to find short-term rentals. There may be local Facebook groups that allow people to advertise sublets or short-term rentals. You could also check groups like the Lake Worth Beach Voice to see if someone is renting out a room.

Always stay aware of potential rental scams, though. View the unit before signing anything and closely review any agreements.

Reach Out to Property Management for Help

Property management companies aren't just for owners who need help managing their investments. Renters can also reach out to property managers to find listings in their area and short-term rental options. The best part is that it's much lower risk than something you'd find on Craigslist.

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